Tehnoobshow - Episode 1 is the first episode ever made by the creator of TehNoobShow. It features Bob and a lot of random people.


Warning!:Spoiler alert! Plot follows. (Skip section)

Bob, the main protagonist of the series, teaches people how to be a noob. He follows noobs until they give him free stuff, but he starts off in Lumbridge with little succes. Then, he goes to the Wilderness and owns people, who turn out to be skeletons that kill him. After that, he goes to Varrock to dance for coins, also with little succes. The next thing he does is train magic, using the Lumbridge home teleport spell.

Right after that, he remembers someone wearing a weird hood, so he asks the person in a flashback where he got it. The person responds, but does not answer his question. After a few minutes, he discovers a portal that he calls a noob portal, which leads to an old house. He also discovers a noob painting, a noob door and the noob Grim Reaper, but he gets killed by the door. After no luck with the hood, he goes back to dancing for coins.

Trivia Edit

  • In some parts of the video, a song from Muppet Show is used.
  • This is the first video that the creator of TehNoobShow ever made.
  • This video was uploaded again on his current Youtube channel: TehNoobShow on 26 July 2008.